Coen lab publications on PubMed


Recent publications include:

Wilkie AR, Sharma M, Coughlin M, Pesola JM, Ericsson, M, Lawler JL, Fernandez R, Coen DM. Human cytomegalovirus nuclear egress complex subunit, UL53, associates with capsids and myosin Va, but is not required for capsid localization towards the nuclear periphery. Viruses 2022;14:479.

Coen DM, Lawler JJ, Abraham J. Herpesvirus DNA polymerases: Structures, functions, and mechanisms. In: Cameron CE, Arnold JJ, Kaguni LS, eds. The Enzymes, Volume 50: Viral replication enzymes and their inhibitors, part B. Cambridge: Academic Press, 133-178, 2021.

Griffante G, Gugliesi F, Dell’Oste V, Biolatti M, Salinger AJ, Mondal S, Thompson PR,  Weerapana, E, Lebbink RJ, Soppe JA, Stamminger T, Girault V, Pichlmair A, Oroszlan G, Coen DM, De Andrea M, Landolfo M. Human cytomegalovirus-induced host protein citrullination is crucial for viral replication. Nature Commun, 2021: 12:3910.

Sun B, Yang X, Hou F, Yu X, Wang Q, Oh HS, Raja P, Pesola JM, Vanni EAH, McCarron S, Morris-Love J, Ng AHM, Church GM, Knipe DM, Coen DM, Pan D. Regulation of host and virus genes by neuronal miR-138 favours herpes simplex virus 1 latency.  Nature Microbiol 2021;6:682-696.

Chen H, Lawler JL, Filman DJ, Hogle JM, Coen DM.  Resistance to an antiviral nucleoside analog drug from more rapid extension of drug-containing primers. mBio 2021; 12:e03492-20.

Sen P, Wilkie AR, Ji F, Yang Y, Taylor IJ, Velazquez-Palafox M, Vanni EA, Fernandez R, Chen H, Morsett LM, Abels ER, Piper M, Lane RJ, Hickmann SE, Means TK, Rosenberg ES, Sadreyev RI, Li B, Coen DM, Fishman JA, El Khoury J.  Linking indirect effects of cytomegalovirus in transplantation to modulation of monocyte innate immune function. Sci Adv 2020; 6:eaax956.